What Is Craniofacial Surgery?
Craniofacial surgery is a type of neuro- surgery that deals with the correction and reconstruction of malformations or problems of the face or skull. The most common conditions treated with craniofacial surgery is craniosynostosis , the early closing of the spaces between the bones of the skull, resulting in abnormal skull growth. The particular surgery to correct craniosynostosis is called a cranial vault remodeling. A plan for craniofacial surgery may be put in place as early as 8 -36 months of age, or as soon as the problem is recognized. Patients who are referred to us first receive a physical exam, followed by CT and MRI scans to confirm the diagnosis. An eye exam by a pediatric ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) should follow, in addition to a consultation with a pediatric dentist . After than, our team who constructed from neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, genetics and neuroradiologist evaluate these results. This team of doctors, along with the neuro surgeon, will map out the plan for your child’s reconstructive craniofacial surgery.

Our team has large operation series in Europe.